Mini Mall - Commercial Spaces

Our retail spaces at One Park are the perfect opportunity for your businesses. Invest into not just space but a high quality service within the premises.

Rooftop Foodcourt

Food Kiosk/ Cuisines

With unparalleled views and an immersive environment, our rooftop is nothing but a personal sanctuary imbued with our gourmand culture. The plaza is designed to host food vendors with a conventional food service system that caters to various delicacies. The space also creates a conducive atmosphere for visitors who come to celebrate their special occasions.

Open Space with Seating/Atmosphere

Our terrace, which provides ample room for many food vendors, has become an intrinsic part of various consumer personas. These spacious venues are convenient stops for office workers, shoppers, and commuters, as they provide a variety of food and beverage services while they rest in their seats.

Retail spaces

A Hub for Retailers

Our retail spaces are ideal for fashion and lifestyle brands, cafés, homeware and grocery stores. Contains a wide range of refined spaces, all surrounded by other merchants, brands, and stores that promote greater levels of consumer engagement. The spaces will provide you with the exposure and versatility you require to ignite your business.

Amenities & Services

Escalators, Elevators & Ramps for PWD

We place a high value on inclusivity. At One Park, visitors with impaired mobility can travel between floors safely and easily using our escalators, elevators, and ramps. Our domestic elevators are designed for wheelchair visitors making it simple to move around freely and at their own leisure.

Emergency Safety Measures

It is not just about automotive spaces, we also care about our visitor’s safety. We endeavor to create the safest, most secure environment for visitors by adopting an integrated approach to our premises. Visitor management technology, access control systems, and video surveillance solutions will be well-equipped in our security structure.

Concierge & Security

For your everyday essentials at our premises, our concierge services will be the beacon to guide you along the way. One Park is greeted by the staff of high caliber who offer nothing but impeccable services.