Founded First in 1978 and established under the Damas branding in 2001

Damas Company Private Limited (DAMAS) is one of the most publicly recognized and reputed business names in the Maldives. Integrating themselves into multiple segments of the market from general trading to real estate and construction, Damas is committed to serving the needs of our customers.

As a 100% Subsidiary of DAMAS, Damas Real Estate Private Limited (DRE)

was registered as a dedicated real estate management company in the Maldives in 2012, engaging exclusively in real estate undertakings with a major focus on property and construction management, leasing, buying, and selling. We attribute our success as an independent real estate company to personal referrals from past business clients and our reputation as a reliable real estate partner, maintaining the highest standards of professionalism in our service.

We serve our clientele with our expertise in the booming real estate industry of the Maldives

We strive towards fulfilling and exceeding their expectations. We will continue serving our customers' needs and will consistently produce and manage developments of lasting value to the community. With the focus to alleviate the local residential space scarcity, these projects comprise of two and three bedroom apartment complexes.

Notable Projects

  • Isles Residence—1 - Hulhumale'

  • Isles Residence—2 - Hulhumale'

  • Fuloosia Residence - Vilimale'

  • Orizon Residence - Male'

One Avenue

A residential complex in Hulhumale', has set the benchmark for other such developments in the city. The project aimed to provide affordable luxury homes in Hulhumale' with apartments comprising one bedrooms, two bedrooms and three bedrooms. This development along the picturesque waterfront of Hulhumale' offers panoramic views of Hulhumale' Yacht Marina.